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Bar crawl - a definition.

Bar crawl - a definition. A bar crawl ( commonly known as a pub crawl) is a drinking session, which involves a group of people visiting
various licensed premises.  In the 19th century in England they could of also been referred to as a gin crawl,
beer crawl or even a bohemian death march! The idea of bar hopping is to create a unique group experience,
collectively moving between bars, and soaking in a different atmosphere in each venue you visit.  

Traditionally, pub crawls were not particularly structured events, with group disputes being common, leading to the
result of the crawl becoming a two stop affair as there is no real organisation. Nowadays, organised bar crawls,
with a guide, structure, and shots in each bar are more common place. This gives the crawl a whole new
experience in comparison to the spontaneous ones which are often amongst friends. Organised ones are more
social affairs bringing groups of people together, creating a whole new atmosphere and experience, but all with
the same aims, visiting a variety of drinking establishments, creating unique group experience in a variety of
atmosphere's, except running a lot smoother!  

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